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Visitors who use wheelchairs can get around the park without issues. In front of each attraction, you’ll see a QR code and use it to find out if it’s wheelchair friendly.
Dalmaland is meant for all generations because there’s something here for everyone – whether you’re looking for adrenaline-filled rides, family fun, swimming in the pool, thematic adventure rides or a little bit of everything. Dalmaland was created as an entertainment centre for all ages!
All Dalmaland visitors must purchase a ticket, regardless of whether they intend to use the attractions or not.
All of our attractions have to undergo daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic controls completed by our technical staff and meet all the safety criteria set by strict European standards, we are also a proud member of the IAPP, the global umbrella organisation for amusement parks.
Dalmaland has a cash-free system for payment inside the amusement park. Your wristband with its unique code helps visitors to pay for products and services they need without the use of credit cards or cash. You can also top your wristband balance in any store within the park. Cash and credit cards are also accepted.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to bring your own food and drinks into the park. Dalmaland is equipped with a couple of restaurants that offer plenty of dining options suitable even for some of our most demanding guests.
Yes, some of our attractions are restricted by the set height and weight. Find the list of the restricted attractions here https://www.dalmaland.com/en/restrictions-per-attractions. Every ride features a sign that displays any restrictions users should know about. Due to safety reasons, some of the attractions are prohibited for disabled users or those with limited movement (who need assistance).
Children up to 12 years old can be in the park on their own. However, it’s advisable for them to have contact information (mobile phone number) in case we need to contact their guardians.
Depending on the exact weather conditions, parts or the whole of Dalmaland park can be closed for your safety. Unfortunately, in unforeseen circumstances such as forces of nature, there are no refunds available.
Because of safety and hygienic reasons, pets aren’t allowed to enter Dalmaland. However, while you’re in the park, your pet can wait in the area we have specially designed for pets – it’s located in the shade and has cute kennels. You can drop by your pet off at any time and pay them a visit whenever you please.
Valid tickets are only those that are purchased in 2023. Tickets from previous years are no longer valid. Valid tickets are those purchased online and have a code, or those purchased at the box office.
You can leave Dalmaland, but you’ll need to leave the wristband at the ticket office before you do, as you’ll need them to enter the park upon your return.
Anything left behind will be safely stored in the lost and found we have in our office. Contact us via email or telephone and show us your ID when picking up the lost items.
Unfortunately, smoking is not allowed in all areas of the park. Instead, use the designated areas such such as the terraces of various bars or restaurants.
Parking is free for Dalmaland visitors.
You can buy tickets directly at the ticket office or online through our webshop. Payment can be made either in cash or by card.
It’s not possible to use the services of the theme park, but you can always top up the difference at the ticket office and enjoy both parks carefree.
Tickets can be topped up at the park ticket office, and are only valid on the day you bought the aquapark ticket.
No need, it’s enough to show the card on your phone as long as the QR code or the number below it is legible.
Before contacting us at info@funparkbiograd.com, please check the spam folder in your email inbox to see if your vouchers are there. If not, shoot us an email or call one of these numbers: +385 23630 377 or +385 91 612 5524.