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General regulations


  • By purchasing a ticket and entering Dalmaland, the Visitor accepts the rules of conduct specified in these General Regulations and confirms that he has read and fully understood the regulations.
  • By purchasing a ticket, the Visitor confirms that he is aware that he uses the services and attractions of the Park solely at his own risk and responsibility, as well as that he is aware of the consequences arising from the violation of any provision prescribed by this regulation.
  • Refunds for purchased tickets are not possible under any circumstances.
  • The owners and employees of Dalmaland are not responsible for visitors inside the park and you irrevocably release them from any liability for death, bodily injury, loss of property or damage (including to the fullest extent permitted by law) while you are inside Dalmaland.
  • Adults who are accompanied by minors and children are obliged to familiarize themselves with the rules of behavior in the park and bear all responsibility for their behavior. Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • Non-swimmer children must be accompanied by their parents and wear a swimming harness during their stay in the water park.
  • The maximum water depth in the reception pool is 180 cm.
  • The management does not recommend bringing valuables and large amounts of money into the park. The management is not responsible for theft and disappearance of things within the park. The administration undertakes to keep the found things for seven days, after which they will be treated as abandoned property, which becomes the property of the park and can be freely disposed of (Act on Obligations, Articles 737 to 743). The management is not responsible for valuables and things that are deposited in lockers or in any part of the Park.
  • Only guests without health problems can use the attractions. Please consider the above characteristics and rules when choosing the suitability of a particular ride for each participant.
  • Tickets must be available for inspection by the competent staff of Dalmaland. A visitor who cannot prove that he is in possession of a ticket will have to leave the Park.
  • The management can temporarily suspend the entry of visitors to the park in a situation where the park's capacity is full.
  • The management reserves the right to close the attractions for technical reasons, periodic repairs or the entire Dalmaland at any time, and for the safety of people, without refunds for tickets.
  • The management reserves the right to correct the park's opening and closing times for safety reasons in case of bad weather such as: rain, storm, strong wind, fog, reduced visibility and for technical reasons. In the case of the above, the Management is not obliged to return the money for the ticket to the Visitor, nor to compensate in any other way.
  • Bearing in mind that the park is intended for use by a large number of users, the authorized persons of the park may prohibit entry to the park and attractions and slides to the following persons:
  • Persons suffering from infectious diseases (Visitors may be asked for a doctor's certificate in case of doubt), persons with open wounds, persons suffering from any diseases that may endanger the health of other visitors, for example: persons with fever, cough, corneal inflammation ( conjunctivitis), people with infectious diseases or diseases that cause disgust, carriers of intestinal and other diseases, and also dirty people in dirty clothes
  • Persons whose intention is to use the park for commercial purposes without the written approval of the Administration.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.
  • The administration has the right to deny entry to the park to undesirable persons, namely persons who have violated the provisions of this rulebook during previous visits.
  • For your safety when using attractions and slides, there are special restrictions that we ask you to carefully study. Certain age and height rules apply to equipment and attractions. Also, certain attractions have a maximum permitted height and weight of use. At the entrance to attractions and slides, there are poles for measuring height, and on certain slides there are scales for measuring weight, where you can check whether you or your children can access the attraction. Proper and correct use of all content must be respected.
  • The park is accessible for people with disabilities (except for the slides and some of the attractions). Visitors with reduced mobility problems are not allowed to use most of the attractions. Please pay attention to the signs in front of the attractions.
  • By purchasing a ticket, the Visitor tacitly accepts the possibility of being photographed or filmed by staff or persons who have permission from the Dalmaland Administration.
  • Sunbeds are available for an extra charge depending on availability. The Park Management reserves the right to control the payment made.


Attractions, rides, pools, slides and other attractions of Dalmaland are designed and built to ensure maximum safety for everyone who uses them correctly and according to the instructions of the competent staff.


  • Follow the instructions of the attraction operators, pool guards and lifeguards.
  • Pay attention to the warnings next to the attractions, to the warning signs and boards with instructions for using each attraction, as well as all other signs, and obey them.
  • It is important to leave the attraction exit area immediately, especially after going down the slides in the pools.
  • Any accident or injury must be reported immediately to the Park's infirmary. The employees of the ambulance will help the victim in their domain. Users will be prosecuted for false statements or reports of violations.
  • Glasses must have an elastic band.
  • Before using the pool, it is mandatory to pass through hyperchlorinated water to disinfect the feet and take a shower.
  • Use flip-flops or clogs with a synthetic base to use the communication paths inside the Water Park.
  • Wearing swimwear so as not to offend the feelings of other users.
  • Wearing waterproof diapers for children up to 3 years of age.
  • Monitor your children because they can expose themselves to dangerous situations.
  • On circular rides in the Amusement Park, always sit the child on the right.


  • Bringing in food and drinks, especially alcoholic beverages. Park staff has the right to ask Visitors to show the contents of their bags and backpacks when entering the park. Exceptions are children's food or food for visitors with specific health problems.
  • Wearing necklaces, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, hearing aids, headphones, and swimwear with zippers, rivets, buckles, or belts when using attractions.
  • Unreasonably asking for help from the park staff, because this diverts attention from Visitors who really need help.
  • Enter areas not intended for Visitors, changing rooms and showers of the opposite sex and parts of the park where entry is prohibited for safety or technical reasons.
  • It is forbidden to jump into the pool, jump in the pool itself, run on the paths, jump from them and from other risky places. Going down the slides improperly head down or while standing is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use the slide while wearing cotton shirts or pants.
  • It is forbidden to climb structures, slides, pipes, handrails, retaining walls, rocks on green areas, metal structures, attraction towers, etc.
  • Shouting (whether it's a game or not), whistling, making unnecessary noise, running (danger of injury due to slipping) is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes or pipes in the premises of the service entrance building and in any closed area of the park.
  • Allow children on rides and slides unaccompanied if they do not meet the clearly communicated conditions.
  • Pick up children and sit them on the edge of attractions.
  • Unauthorized use of rescue equipment and first aid items, fire extinguishers or other equipment used by the park for emergency situations.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Park, considering the health of your pets. Increased amount of noise, light, use of pyrotechnics does not have a good effect on pets.
  • Voluntarily move equipment, chairs and other park inventory.
  • Bringing and carrying with you glass packaging, sharp and glass objects and other glass items that can break and thus cause injury to Visitors.
  • Pregnant women, people with heart problems, as well as people with neck and back problems are prohibited from using all the attractions of the Fun Park and slides in the Water Park, and the use of other attractions of the Water Park is partially prohibited.
  • Eating and drinking in attractions or other areas that are not intended for that. In case of violation of this prohibition, the Management has the right to immediately remove the Visitor from the park without the right to refund the money for the ticket.
  • Photographing or recording Visitors, other people or a group of people without their consent and the consent of the Administration.
  • Carrying and using weapons of any kind.
  • Use of musical instruments, audio equipment or television.
  • Damage, defile, move, change or remove objects or signs placed in the park.
  • To behave in the area of the park contrary to this Ordinance and positive regulations.
  • Using a whistle or similar devices/devices for giving sound signals that can disturb the work of professional services in the park.
  • For more information and the complete Rules of Conduct on how to use Dalmaland, visit the Park's official website.

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